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Coconuts Can Twinkle 

A refreshing cocktail that combines coconut rum, St. Germain liqueur and prosecco.

Scottish Gardens 

A refreshing drink that combines the crispness of apple juice, the botanicals of Scottish gin and the floral sweetness of elderflower

Tam’s Temptation 

A refreshing and fruity cocktail that combines aperol, apple juice, pink gin, Passoã, lime and grenadine.

You’re The One 

This drink combines the whisky with elderflower liqueur and pear bitter, creating a balanced and floral blend that is perfect for any occasion.

Princes Purple Mocktail 

A vibrant purple mocktail that has a sweet and tangy flavour with a hint of nuttiness.

The Garden Mocktail 

A refreshing and elegant drink that combines the floral notes of elderflower liqueur with the crispness of sparkling water and cucumber.

Annandale Espresso £15

A delicious drink that combines the smooth richness of Annandale Distillery’s Man O’Words, single malt whisky, with the sweet nutty taste of Amaretto, the dark intense aroma of Kahlua, and the creamy and frothy texture of coffee and cream.

Robert Burns 

A sophisticated drink that combines the smooth and rich flavours of Annandale Distillery’s Man O’Words, single malt whisky, with the sweet and herbal notes of Sweet Vermouth and Drambuie.

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